hair and skin. some “cleaner” basics i’ve been loving lately.

I love messy hair (held back with a kerchief) and a simple beauty routine. With my routine and products, I normally find something I like (or grow accustomed to) and stick to it. Pretty much followed the same routine for 15+ years, ugh. However, throughout the past few years, my search to find cleaner and safer products for myself and my family has encouraged me to find and use some products that not only “just work” but ones that I really love. Also, our first winter back in the midwest (after living in the south for six years), has prompted me to find a few new ones recently to help my skin deal with the colder, dryer temps. Here’s some of the basics that I’m loving right now . . .

Beautycounter Hydrating Foundation

I had used the same foundation for well over fifteen years (I like change but not always :)) when a little over two years ago a friend shared Beautycounter’s story on one of her Social Media pages. At the time, I had just began looking for cleaner, safer and healthier products for ourselves and our home. I have been using this foundation ever since and I love it. I’ve always had somewhat problem skin so I was nervous to make a change (especially with my foundation) but I really think I have benefited from the change. It’s lightweight and blends nicely. Not to mention, it feels great on the skin no matter the climate.

You can read Beautycounter’s story here.

Acure Facial Scrub

Acure Night Cream

I have also been using a variety of Acure products for the past couple of years as well. They have just recently changed their packaging and added some new products. I’m currently using these two and their eye cream. I’ve also used their day cream but this winter I just dab a little of the night cream on in the morning as well.

Ere Perez Face Nectar

Ere Perez Face Tonic

I have just began using these in the past month or so. I absolutely love the little extra punch of moisture they have given my skin during this dry winter. My skin is definitely combo skin that can be both oily and dry at the same time. These seem to take away some of that dryness while not making it more oily. Before I started using these, I used argan oil some with my nighttime routine.

Sailor Sea Salt Refresh Spray

I don’t really use any other hair products but this one. I use it to increase texture and make it workable on those days I want it to look at least one step above messy. 🙂 I’m definitely more of a “beach hair” type girl so this spray works great for me.

Quinn’s Witch Hazel – Rose Petal

The smell of this one reminds me of my great aunt. XO! But even more so it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or too tight like other toners I’ve used in the past. Not to mention the million other ways it useful.

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner’s soap varieties have been a staple in our home for several years now. It is a pure castile (olive oil based) soap and can be used for just about anything from washing your hair and face to cleaning your fruits and veggies (you would want the liquid variety for this). I’ve been particularly fond of the peppermint this winter!

Weleda Skin Food Cream

I love the texture and organic smell of this cream! I’m not always big on creams because I feel as if they are just too heavy and sit on top of the skin rather than nourish, but this one isn’t that way at all. I liked this one so much that I gifted it at Christmas to a few close friends including my mom.

Pacifica Face Wash

I’ve used a couple different types of their face wash and they both have left my face feeling good (not too tight and dry nor too oily). This particular one I’ve been using for about the past six months or so.

Young Living Essential Oils

We love essential oils. The Thieves and Lavender are the two that we use the most – either by themselves or combined with others. I also love this brand!

Happy Sunday! It’s a cold and snowy one here on this third day of March . . .