tween girl. stocking stuffer or small gift ideas.

Hair scrunchies

Neon pink bobby pins

Kate Spade French-English phrase dictionary (I also found one of these at Homegoods)

The Confidence Code for Girls

Cat Earrings

BE YOU Embroidered Mini Banner

Monogrammed clutch/ zipper pouch

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Personalized notebook/ planner

Tweens. Some of my favorite ages but not always my favorite to find gifts for! They are close to or have exited the “toy phase” but aren’t quite yet into clothing, tech gadgets, sports equipment, etc. As my nine year old little lady was writing out her Christmas list the other day she said “I just can’t think of any toys that I want”. (wink, wink) With just a hint of sadness but mostly gladness I told her that she just might need to try and think of some other things this year. Honestly, I could get her a stocking full of pretty notebooks and stationary and she’d be happy – she’s definitely my girl. Next week I hope to find some “under the tree” ideas for your tween lady! In the meantime, happy weekend to you!

P.S. – This is also a great idea!


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