c r a w l i n g

he sometimes has a little hitch in his crawl and is easily distracted (except for when he’s after one of maggie’s bones) but mr. tate is on the move.


seven months.

Tate Anthony – 7 months old.

the last photo is your six month check up on your seven month and one day old birthday. verdict is – your healthy, happy and about the 75th percentile in everything (head circumference, length and weight). you are now pulling up and standing in your crib and anywhere else you can reach. you are crawling – especially to get Maggie’s bones. you are loving purees and just about any food that mom gives you. you are still breastfed. you are still waking up during the night but it’s just for a quick feed and your back to bed. still no teeth yet. you smile and laugh a lot especially at Maggie, your siblings and dad. you are such a pleasant baby and we wouldn’t even trade a piece of you (not even the non sleeping piece 🙂 ).