life lately no. 4 – random moments.


Isla is 9!

Isla turned nine and Maddox turned twelve this May.  How can that be!  Maddox preferred a few friends, the trampoline park and Five Guys!  While Isla wanted a party at home with friends and Taylor Swift music :).  Above are some snippets from Isla’s party at home.  It was simple yet festive!  I’ve decided we’re not celebrating next year because there is no way I am going to have a ten and thirteen year old- I’m boycotting for sure! 🙂

six months.

Tate Anthony – half a year old.

(The last photo is the collection of wooden figures he’s accumulated thus far. We have been getting them for Tate for special occasions (like his 1/2 birthday 🙂 ) throughout his first year.)