d a n c i n’

. . . into the weekend!


h o m e

Another Alabama snow has found all five (six, if you count Maggie) of us hunkered down at home again.  All of the streets are closed and we can’t think of anywhere we’d like to go enough to brave the cold.  Oven popcorn for supper last night and homemade pizza tonight.  We are being blessed with lots of family time, maybe a little too much at times (smile).

two months.

Tate Anthony – 2 months

  • you are following people and their voices more and more each day with your eyes
  • you are starting to laugh and smile when tickled and talked to (you especially like it when your Dad talks to you)
  • you had your first bout of sickness – the flu (which we all got). I’m sorry lil guy.
  • you are weighing in around 12 lbs 6 oz
  • you are sleeping about 4 to 5 hours at a time
  • still eating just breast milk
  • you love being carried on someone’s shoulder so that you can see everything
  • you don’t like being left out, but who does 🙂
  • i love the way your little hands are always grasping and moving
  • you are starting to really like your swing