t a t e

Sleepless, but so in love.

Introducing . . .

Tate Anthony Alfultis

Born Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 6:19pm (due date was November 23 – Thanksgiving Day)

Montgomery, Alabama

6 pounds 15 ounces, 18 inches


g i f t s

. . . of gratitude.

As I type this I have a sweet 16 day old babe all cozy and asleep in his crib.  (I will share the story of his birth soon.)  I originally started this post a few weeks ago and never got around to finishing and posting it.

Throughout my pregnancy I didn’t accomplish much this time around :), but there were a few things that I wanted to make sure that I did do before our little man arrived.  Of course they were very minor things, but my heart was set on making sure they got done.  I wanted to have small gifts of gratitude to give to guests and nurses at the hospital and our visitors after we arrived home and I wanted to sew a couple of new crib sheets.  (I also wanted to knit or crochet a blanket.  I got the supplies bought but the blanket has yet to be started.  I still have aspirations of getting it done by Christmas.)

As I put together the below gifts in mid October, the house smelled of the oh so sweet smell of baby clothes being laundered.  This brought to mind so many beautiful memories and once again reminded me of the blessing that would soon make his entrance into the world and into our home.

The gifts were a small jar of honey along with a honey dipper that said “a sweet thank you”.  I made the tags and attached them to the bags with a pear shaped safety pin.  I feel beyond blessed to have had so much support and prayers this pregnancy.  It was a tough one having miscarried in December and then being away from my family, but the strength I have gained as a person is immeasurable.  I also often think about how much Bryan and the kids were there for me in ways they’ll never really know and perhaps not even understand.  This pregnancy was definitely a “team effort” and I think God many times daily for this heavenly new blessing he has bestowed on us.


& my almost 36 week very pregnant belly . . .