n o o k

This little one will be sharing a room with us for an uncertain amount of time so he won’t really have a nursery, but I have high hopes of giving him his own quiet corner/ nook.  I guess you might call the above somewhat of a “baby space inspiration board”. I would love for his little nook to feel clean and minimal and include a natural basket with a plant or two.  That cloud print keeps catching my eye and I think that he would like either a sailboat or fabric paper airplane mobile (wink, wink).  In the next few weeks, I hope to try my hand at knitting with this being my finished product – (https://www.purlsoho.com/create/2017/01/04/super-easy-crib-blankets-in-new-colors/). I am thinking my aspirations may be just a wee bit high, but wouldn’t this make a lovely forever keepsake?  And to paint something green, this just might be the perfect opportunity.  Maybe a dresser or wardrobe?

baby space inspiration board – (cloud print – kaisamuelsdavis (etsy) / bedding – camomile london / sailboat mobile – jessica sloane blog via pinterest / crib – ikea / bunny – nobile carriage / merino wool bundle – purl soho / nursery area – pinterest)

A glimpse of today’s belly (26 weeks, 3 days).