e g g s


Dipped and dyed some yesterday.  Happy Easter!

(photos via iphone)


s a t u r d a y


Early this Saturday morning the boy and I ventured downtown to the Montgomery Curb Market.  Hoping that one day, when he and she stumble upon this space the things that catch my eye now bring back memories for them later.

Happy beautiful Saturday in March!!!!

(photos – iphone:  montgomery, alabama)

f e b r u a r y

Patterns & Shapes.  A few fun ones from my iphone in February.


My thoughts are all of over the place, as they have been for the most of February (or perhaps always).  I took a part time job in February which led me to traveling back to Missouri and then to Columbus, Georgia for training.  I will be working from home mostly and as I can already tell it is going to take some getting used to- not the work part as much as not getting to correspond in person with those that I will be working for and with.  I really miss this interaction. It’s so much easier to get to know people and how they work and operate when you can actually physically interact with them.

Things are great on the home front – the kiddos are at such beautifully, fun, quirky ages.  Maddox’s YMCA basketball team went undefeated this winter.  They had a fantastic coach that taught them so much about the game and themselves.  Now on to baseball . . .  One of my favorite things about this sweet boy is that he thinks I’m funny (which I’m not) – but I can really make him laugh and I love that.

Isla is still doing gymnastics and is really enjoying being able to bounce around for an hour a couple days a week.  From birth, this girl doesn’t stop until her head hits the pillow.  I so love this about her.  May she always bring the energy wherever she goes!  She keeps reminding me that she is going to be Cindy Lou Who at school on Friday for Dr. Seuss character day – but until then I’ll try to keep talking into Daisy-Head Mayzie.  Today was “many colors” (wear as many colors as you can) day.  Or as Bryan and I called it “dress like Isla” day.

Unfinished thoughts from the other day . . .

Recently, in those fleeting moments that contain the everyday I’ve caught myself pausing (unintentionally) to take it all in.  Last night, while Bryan, Isla and I were all in the main bathroom me brushing my teeth, him manicuring his beard & her just chatting and then again this morning me making lunches in a barely lit kitchen while the kids finished breakfast and him getting ready to walk out the door for a day of work but kissing me first before he goes.  So much of my days spent lately wondering whether or not this move has been worth it for our family, but then in these moments remembering that these are what matters.  Us, living life together, simple and happy (no matter our location).

I promised I wouldn’t ramble here . . . but just this once.

**Update:  The girl settled for Daisy-Head Mayzie with the promise that next year Cindy Lou Who was a must 🙂

(photos:  columbus, georgia // st. louis, missouri // montgomery, alabama)